Culturally Engaged Keywords

GraceCE Mill Village

Grace Church Culturally Engaged has been running a great series called “Keywords.” In this series, these leaders are giving a clear language for their core purpose in helping the church reach the culture for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Here is a list of some of the articles so far, with excerpts that have been meaningful to me. I hope you’ll read the full articles, as well as follow along with the rest of the series.

Externally Focused“Our Story tells us that Jesus stepped into our brokenness and absorbed it on our behalf. This is our motivation to step into the ugliest and most devastating of situations. . . . Grace Church can never be known as a church that absorbs the world’s brokenness unless we move outside into the brokenness.”

Good Deeds. Good Will. Good News“Our ultimate purpose is not to achieve total physical restoration; we know that this will not happen until Christ returns. We can, however, bring the Good News of spiritual restoration in Christ Jesus. Our good deeds lead to good will in the communities we serve. Good will leads to an opportunity to share the gospel both in word and deed.”

Empower“The Church is clearly meant to work together as unique individuals for the sake of the whole. Each member is meant to bring something to the equation and enrich the body through their contribution. At Grace Church, our desire is to have true partnerships characterized by equality and unity in vision, authority, responsibility, and control.”

Uniting Us to the Local Church“We understand a local body of believers will always be best prepared to be the church and to reach a surrounding geographic community. . . . We are always looking to find where is God working in local churches. We do this not just because of strategy but these culturally different communities contain a glimpse of God’s image that is generally very different and oftentimes uncomfortable from our own cultural backgrounds.”

Generational Change “True change is glacial. True transformation is generational. It happens a generation at a time, each generation building off the assets of the previous one. . . . With that in mind, we need to recognize that all our missional efforts will be most effective when they have the capacity to cultivate transformation over a course of generations.”

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