Summer Plans 2013, and How You Can Help

Summer Soccer Camp 2012

He’s excited. Are you?

A lot of people (in Allendale and from out-of-town) have been asking us about Our Summer Plans. For the past couple of months, we have mostly told people:

  1. We WILL be doing something.
  2. We don’t know exactly what we will be doing.

Within past couple of weeks, our schedule has been shaping up. And we want to take this time to remind you that since we have no interns, we have space available for students, adults, and families to spend some time with us. If you (or someone you know) want to spend time in Allendale this summer, please leave a comment or contact us.

Ready to hear what we have going on? Ready to learn how you can be involved? Hold on to your hats!

June 2013

June 9-12:  I (Joey) will be taking a handful of guys to football camp at Furman University. This will be an opportunity for them to get out of town and develop football skills. Also, through my friends at Furman’s Riley Institute, we have set up a campus tour with an admissions staff. Plus, I look forward to seeing my former coaches.

Opportunity:  We are looking for places for these guys to stay, and for financial help. We can save $60 per player if they commute each day. If you want to host a couple of guys, or provide financial assistance, please let me know ASAP.

June 10-13:  There will be an art camp in Allendale, being led by a friend who is an artist and art teacher in Greenville.. We hope to get up to 20 local students (including our son Elijah).

June 16-19:  Another football camp at Furman. I think we will have 2-3 guys attending (they have Boys’ State the week before). I will NOT be attending, but you can help.

Opportunity:  As with the other camp, we are looking for places to them to stay, as well as financial assistance.

June 17-22:  Full-day STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Camp at USC-Salkehatchie. For up to 50 students from Allendale, who are rising 5th – 7th graders. This camp is a part of the job I began in January.

Opportunity:  An opportunity for students (high school or college) to serve at the camp.

June 24-29:  Another week of STEAM camp. However, we will not need additional outside support, since we already have Community Bible Church lined up to serve (they did a great job helping with this camp last year), although we hope to have local teenagers serving.

June 24-28:  An after-lunch day camp, at Allendale Baptist Church. This will be an extension of the neighborhood After School program. However, this facility better-suited to having children for 3+ hours inside each day.

July 2013

July 8-11:  Another week of the after-lunch day camp, at Allendale Baptist Church.

July 15-19:  We will help lead the Recreation Department with a week-long soccer camp (perhaps with arts and crafts). We helped with this same camp last summer, and had a great time.

Opportunity:  We’d love to have students, adults, and families help us for part or all of this camp.

July 22-25:  The Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics is sponsoring the iTEAMS Science Camp. We have registered over 100 children (rising 7th and 8th graders) from a three-county area, half of whom are from Allendale (including our Hannah). Another program that involves my job.

July 29-August 2:  A week-long sleep-away 4H camp in Aiken. We are not involved with this any more than signing up Hannah and Elijah, and some of their local friends. Another great out-of-county experience for children from Allendale.

Opportunity:  Some scholarships will come through the local Clemson Extension office. However, more financial assistance will probably be needed.

That’s It?

On August 4, I will leave with the football team for a week of camp in Orangeburg. (We will have regular workouts and scrimmages throughout June and July, too.) And football will be full-speed from that point forward.

And after all that, hopefully Joanna will have a week to relax before she starts getting ready for another year of home schooling (with a 7th, 4th, and 1st grader!).

Thanks for everyone who is supporting these opportunities, and who are supporting our ministry directly. We are excited about the chance to offer Allendale children and teenagers enriching experiences this summer, and to help others form and strengthen positive relationships.

Remember, if you want to be a part, please let us know! (And as I mention in this post, another way you can help is by sending us Bi-Lo gift cards, to help us with the “interns” we will have.)

Edit: Check out the Mid-Summer Update and this end of summer post (and this one).


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2 responses to “Summer Plans 2013, and How You Can Help”

  1. bethmcmeekin says :

    Let me talk to Stan about how we can help when you come to Furman. Also, I have a large box of homeschooling games and materials for you (for either your family or to give to teachers in Allendale). I’m still adding things to the box, but make sure you come get it during one of your Furman trips.

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