Food Stamp Recipients: Interactive Map


Do you know how many people around you receive food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?

In some parts of the US, as few as 5% receive food stamps, while in others that number is more than 1 in 3. You can find the number for your city, county, or zip code using this interactive map (which gives data from 2010).

For comparisons, here is the data from select counties in South Carolina, for the percentage of people who are in the SNAP program:

  • Allendale County:  35% (an increase of 36% since 2000)
  • Hampton County (neighbor to Allendale):  27% (an increase of 124% since 2000)
  • Barnwell County (another neighbor):  28% (an increase of 107%)
  • Greenville County:  14% (210% increase)
  • Beaufort County:  11% (123% increase)

And from other places across the USA:

  • Union, NJ (where I grew up):  7% (an increase of 87%)
  • New York City:  15% (55% increase)
  • Atlanta (Fulton County):  19% (114% increase)
  • El Paso, TX:  24% (49% increase)
  • Orange County (CA):  5% (141% increase)

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One response to “Food Stamp Recipients: Interactive Map”

  1. Joanie Spillane says :

    I felt so embarrassed when I had to pay for food with food stamps. I had to keep food on the table. I received no support.

    Sent from my iPhone, watch out!

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