No Interns, Lots of Interns

Anna After School 2013

This will be our third summer in Allendale. We’ve enjoyed the camps that we’ve led and supported, mostly because it has deepened our connection with children and families in this community. And the summer camps have even surprised us in a number of ways.

One of the biggest blessings have been the college interns that we’ve had serve alongside us. In 2011, Wes Johnson and Hannah Swoap were fantastic servant leaders in Allendale. Last summer, Joseph Berry, Greg Massullo, and Anna Marshall fit in their unique (yet equally) important niches.

Of course, Hannah and Anna became especially dear to us, as they lived with us from May – August. Even so, they were only two of the about twenty people who spent at least one night with us over the past couple of summers.

We’ve had five great college interns. This year we will have zero interns, and we hope to have lots of interns.

Interns for Summer of 2013

Since last fall, I worked on getting a couple of interns. We especially wanted another female to live with us, because, hey, free babysitter. Had a couple of nibbles (not literally). Even had a pretty solid recruit, until she was stolen (literally). Crushing (not literally).

Over the past few months, as we began to envision Our Summer Plans (still working on them . . .), we realized that this summer will look different for us than last summer — just as last summer was different from the one before. Because of my job responsibilities (which includes several weeks of science camps), we cannot lead the same type of all-day camps as we had previously done.

When we did camps in 2011 & 2012, we needed summer-long interns to help us plan, organize, and lead. But without such a camp this year, we don’t have a need for a college intern to be here all summer.

On the other hand, not having fixed interns for 2+ months also allows us to have more opportunities for students to spend some time in Allendale. And that’s our idea and offer for May, June, and July — to have multiple high school and college students spend a few days (or a week) with us.

By opening our home to people throughout the summer, we hope to give people a chance to see what God is doing in Allendale, SC.

How You Can Help

We need your help. First, we need students. Do you know any college students, or mature high school students, who may be interested in visiting Allendale? If so, please have them contact us ASAP.

Second, you could financially support this opportunity. We don’t want to charge the students for this opportunity. They will spend enough on gas just to get here, and some may have to miss time from working summer jobs.

You have a couple of ways that you can support this financially:

  1. Donate to our general missionary account, via Grace Church.
  2. Send us a gift card to Bi-Lo (where we do the bulk of our grocery shopping). This will help cover the cost of providing meals for the people who will be with us. If you don’t know our mailing address, just contact us.

And now that I think about it, lets not limit this “internship” opportunity to students. We want to open this to anyone. Maybe you’ve been meaning to come down here at some point yourself, or maybe you want to bring your children down. We’d love to help make that happen.

Come on down!

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