Crafting for the Cause of Camp

Bracelets_LackeyChildren who grow up in poverty have limited access for a variety of experiences. This lack of background knowledge hinders them from imagining the opportunities that life has to offer, and we’ve also noticed that it causes confusion during school work.

For example, a fifth grader doesn’t know which way is west on a map, but she’s never been further west than the next county over. And how can she follow a writing prompt about watching movies, when she’s never been to a movie theater? Without sufficient background experience, a textbook is a collection of meaningless words on a page.

What if you could help broaden a child’s experience? You can have a significant impact in a child’s life if you helped him get out of his hometown for a few hours, or a few days.

Remember our Elevate Spring Break Camp? While we spent half the day playing soccer, we also did arts and crafts (and other activities). And remember that we had a number of families with children spend part of their spring break building relationships with children in Allendale?

Well, check out this great idea from a girl whose family came to Allendale earlier this month . . .

Crafts from Soccer Camp

Grace Lackey has taken the idea from a craft we made one of the days at soccer camp, and she decided to turn it into a fundraising project. She is making key-chains and bracelets (pictured above).  The key-chains are $1 for a single and $2 for a double, and the bracelets are $2 each. She is taking cash donations as well, and is telling people if they would like to pay more that asked for their item, it is appreciated.

She has already been making these crafts, and generating a lot of interest, so much so that she has not been able to keep them in stock!

Grace is accepting orders, and you can specify any colors, i.e., team colors or any other preference. Eventually she would like to be able to just make a ton of different styles and have them ready to sell.

One of her best friends is helping her, as well as her own family members. And upon learning of this project, our own daughter Hannah has begun to help out, too!

Crafts for Summer Camp

What is Grace Lackey going to do with all this money she makes? She will use it to help kids from Allendale go to go to camp this summer. What we (Grace’s mom and I) agree on is that the camps experiences have to be for outside of Allendale (that is, not any of our camps that we’ll do in Allendale this summer).

Some of the camps in which we want children to participate include:

  • Grace Church‘s camp for 3rd & 4th graders (in Greenville, SC)
  • A week-long 4H camp in Aiken (Hannah and Elijah want to take some Allendale friends with them)
  • Football camp at Furman University (a chance for athletes to meet other players, and to be exposed to a college campus)
  • Jazz band camp in Aiken (we have a fantastic new band director in Allendale)
  • Science camp at the SC Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics

If you want to buy some of this jewelry, or want to make a donation, you can email Grace’s mom, Janelle, at janellelackey_at_gmail_dot_com, or you can contact me, or just leave a comment on this blog. And don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Additionally, you can specify which type of camp you want to sponsor, or just “wherever most needed.” Any size order or gift will help give a child from Allendale an enriching experience this summer.

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