Our Summer Plans

Soccer Art Camp 2012

Especially since our Spring Break camp is over, we have been getting a lot of questions about what we will be doing this summer. In truth, parents and children in Allendale have been asking us this question since January, or even earlier.

You may remember that we did a month-long camp in the summer of 2012, where we partnered with the summer school program for Allendale County Schools. We also helped with another church’s summer program, and we led a soccer camp for the Recreation Department. By the end of the summer, we had much to celebrate.

With the success of our several camps in the past couple of years, we know that we want to do something this summer. We love the opportunity to work with children, and to give volunteers an opportunity to serve in camps.

So, if you’re wondering what our plans are for this summer, I’ll give you the same answer that I have been giving others: 

  1. We don’t know exactly what.
  2. We will be doing something.

I know that is vague, but there are so many unknowns at this point. We are not sure at this point if we will be involved with the schools this summer. Also, through my job at USC-Salkehatchie, I will be involved with at least 2-3 weeks of summer camps. And, of course, I’ll have football practices and camp.

But . . . We will do something.

Here are some ideas that we are exploring:

  • Helping with the school district’s summer school program
  • Helping with the rec department’s summer programs
  • Leading a few weeks of summer camp at the same location where we are currently doing our after school program
  • Helping with another church’s or organization’s summer program

Please be in Prayer for our summer programs, that God would direct our steps and give us wisdom.

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