Soccer, Encouragments, and the Image of God

Kim was one of 16 adults who traveled from Greenville to Allendale last week for our Elevate Spring Break Camp (which I wrote about on Monday). She and her daughter drove down on Easter Sunday, when many families were relaxing in the comfort of their homes.

After she served in Allendale for two days, and after her daughter made friends, they headed back home on Tuesday. But their impact was not over. Wednesday morning, Kim sent an email with these encouraging words:

“As you are still in the middle of things, please know that we are praying for you, the children, and all of your efforts there. Truly a testament to faith in action! So glad my daughter could see and participate in this.”

Additionally, Kim shared her Thoughts from Elevate Soccer Camp on Grace Church’s Culturally Engaged blog. Her all-girls group threw lots of questions and doubts at her, but she loved and encouraged them through it all.

“Our journey in discovering what God has for us is universal. My time in Allendale last week for the Elevate soccer camp reminded me of that journey. The girls in my 5th-6th grade group were truly awesome. They were brimming with energy and questions. . . .”

Be sure to read the full post.


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