Good News in Allendale

Allendale_Sun Palmetto_St_BankHappy April Fool’s Day!

That really has nothing to do with this post. Except maybe one thing. . . . Today is the first day of our Elevate Spring Break Camp in Allendale. And our plan is to welcome the campers, and then tell them that they have to take reading and math tests before we can do anything else. I hope our little prank doesn’t start them off with boiling blood.

We are excited about the opportunity we have this week. But it’s not the only good thing going on in Allendale County.

In last week’s edition of The Allendale Sun (our local newspaper), I read at least 5 pieces of news that reminded me that great things can and do happen in our county:

  1. Palmetto State Bank (of which we are a customer) earned a 5-star rating with BauerFinancial, Inc. Only 9% of banks claim this designation, and Palmetto State has had this rating for 78 consecutive quarters (19.5 years!).
  2. Salkehatchie Stew was performed in Allendale on March 22 and 23. This production featured stories from around this area. (And my wife and kids have enjoyed being part of the cast.)
  3. Don Sharp (who happens to be the brother of our neighbor and landlord) was one of 47 individuals recognized by the state Department of Commerce, for his “exceptional efforts to bolster community and economic development activities in South Carolina.” Mr. Don is a farmer and seed producer, and is known for his innovation and leadership.
  4. Students from Fairfax Elementary School raised nearly $1400 to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
  5. Dearia Phoenix, an eighth-grader at Allendale-Fairfax Middle School, won the regional Spelling Bee championship. She will compete in the national competition at the end of May, in Washington, D.C. (This reminds me of Yusuf Jenkins, a neighbor and one of my football players, who made it past the 3rd round in the National Spelling Bee a couple of years ago.)

Yes, we have our challenges here in Allendale. But never forget that we also have some highly talented and driven adults and students.

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