Prayer Request: Spring Break Camp


On Monday, we will begin our Spring Break Camp in Allendale. We are excited about the 55-60 children that we expect will come each day, plus all the volunteer opportunities.

And we’re thankful for all those who are contributing time and/or money to make this camp happen. In particular, I think about the families that are sacrificing time over their spring break, and the adults who are taking time off from work, to serve the children in Allendale.

Please be in prayer for our week, in particular:

  • God to be glorified. We want to honor Him in all we do, and we pray that He would be glorified by our efforts.
  • An atmosphere of love. With so many children competing and taking part in activities, there is ample opportunity for conflicts to arise. Pray that children will grow in their love and respect for others.
  • Safety, for the children, and for the families who are traveling from out-of-town.
  • Good weather. Having 55 children, 15 teenagers, and 15 adults is a BIG group. Having them inside for 8 hours would be extra challenging.

We’ll keep you posted on how our week is going. Be sure to like Elevate Allendale on Facebook.


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4 responses to “Prayer Request: Spring Break Camp”

  1. Gwendolyn Walker says :

    Its already done in the name of Jesus.

  2. jo nunn says :

    I have a 3 ring hole puncher. I’ll bring it by this weekend. Jo

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