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A few articles about college that I think are relevant to the education of Allendale students:

1. Dual Enrollment Enhances College Enrollment, Persistence, and Degree Completion

In a study of over 30,000 students from Texas, those who completed a college course while still in high school were more likely to earn a college degree, compared to those who did not complete a college course. This holds true for all racial groups and socioeconomic classes.

Some students at Allendale-Fairfax High School take courses at USC-Salkehatchie. Doing so increases their readiness for college, and can even save them money. We need to encourage more students to pursue this.

2. Early Savings Accounts Help Low-Income Kids Reach College  

In a program called Saving for Education, Entrepreneurship and Downpayment (SEED), low-income families were given money for their child’s education. Afterwards, if parents added to the college savings, matching funds were added.

With the SEED money, not only were families more likely to save for their child’s college education, but the students were more likely to attend and graduate college. It seems that the amount of money isn’t the bigger factor. Rather, it’s the attitude and confidence that boosts the child’s success rate.

“Positive attitudes about the value of higher education grew more positive over time among parents of the children with the savings accounts.”

Could such a program, reaching parents of elementary-age children, be implemented in Allendale?

3. We Need More Than “Equal Opportunities” to Reach College

In the United Kingdom, students in private school are six times more likely to go on to university (college), compared to students who are on free lunch. And even if the poorer students reach and graduate college, they earn less than their more-privileged peers. (It is reasonable to assume that similar statistics occur in this country.)

Why is this true?

“Less privileged students have scantier knowledge as to how to go about achieving their ambitions; have been less equipped with the soft skills employers want; have had less access to useful networks; struggle more to build new professional networks; and have generally had less professional experience though work experience and internships.”  (emphasis added)

How can we help low-income students from Allendale? For starters, we need mentors from this community and from outside this community to help Allendale youth attain these skills, knowledge, and networks.

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