Work and Play in Allendale

Breakfast Before the 2012 Work Day

Allendale is a quiet place. But that doesn’t mean that great things aren’t happening.

People are working — and have been for years — to make Allendale a better place. In fact, I wrote about two of these last year, and they are going on again. I hope you can support the workday Operation We Care Allendale and the theatrical production Salkehatchie Stew.

But before I tell you more, I want to remind you why I think these events are important. Do not thing that the greatest contribution you can make to the people of Allendale is what you do here, or what you give here. Those are important, but only as a means to the end.

The biggest things you can do are build relationships and celebrate how God has been at work. And these two events can help you connect with the wonderful citizens of Allendale County, SC.

Serving This Community Through Work

Lottie Lewis (whom I’ve written about here and here) launched this initiative years ago. She has been driven to make Allendale a better place. But she also wants to see more local residents take responsibility and ownership over their own community, instead of just relying on outside resources.

In Operation We Care (see last year’s post for more information), volunteers from outside of Allendale are invited to work alongside local residents. Projects and events range from painting to yardwork, from carpentry to a book fair, and more!

This year’s Operation We Care Allendale event will be on Saturday, March 16.

Knowing This Community Through a Play

Last year, my wife and two older children were in Salkehatchie Stew, and this year they will be joined by our third child. After all, he spent most of last spring quoting lines and singing songs from the 2012 production.

Through these annual plays, we have learned a lot about the history and culture of this community and region. The stories (some real, some fictional) have helped us understand the joys, sorrows, successes, and struggles of folks in Allendale.

I hope you can make one of the performances. The dates (and locations) for this year’s play are:

  • March 16-17 (Hampton)
  • March 23 (Allendale)
  • April 6-7 (Barnwell)
  • April 20 (Denmark)

Interested in Working or Play-ing in Allendale?

I encourage you to support and connect with the community of Allendale through one (or both) of these events. If you want more details or have any questions, please leave a comment or contact me.

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