Reason #25 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live: Terms of Endearment


I had placed my order at the drive-thru (at Hardee’s, of course). Then, I drove up to the window, paid, and waited on my food. Soon, the lady handed me my bag and said, “Here you go, Boo.”

Boo. A nickname that is synonymous with “sweetie” or “honey.” It can mean “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the context here.

I was called Boo. I drove away with a smile.

I love it here, because . . .

“In Allendale, it’s perfectly acceptable to call people nicknames, whether or not you know their real names.”

There’s Boo, and the common SweetieSugar, Baby, Buddy, Honey, and Darling. Young girls are often called, Lil’ Momma’, while I’ve heard more than a few young boys simply called Man.

Guys (and sometimes girls, surprisingly) often call each other Ni**er, or Ni**a’. But don’t worry, I don’t use this term.

One time, a fifth grade boy called me that term, but he wasn’t doing it out of love. I had just suspended him from an after school program for fighting, and he decided to let me know that he was upset.

Right. In. Front. Of. His. Mom.

But that’s another story, with less of a happy ending.

Of course, plenty of people know my real name, and we are surrounded by last names commonalities (but not Espinosa).

But if all else fails, you can just call me Boo.

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6 responses to “Reason #25 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live: Terms of Endearment”

  1. Karen says :

    Does Joanna know about this “nickname”? Maybe you’ve gone to Hardee’s to many times, Joey! It all starts out so innocently…. 🙂

  2. Karen Heath Allen says :

    Ahhhh, this made me laugh like crazy. One of my biggest shockers upon moving here was the nicknames…and some are just not nice sounding, but nobody seems to care! “Punkin” and “”Stinkbug” were two that I first met. It is also common to call one’s brother their “bubba”, as in “This is my bubba”, and then more formally as a proper name to address one’s brother, as in, “Hey, Bubba, come here” instead of “Hey John, come here.”

    Obviously “Bubba” has a different connotation to me than it does to locals. 🙂

  3. Sheila says :

    Lil Momma and Man, lolololol! I remember hearing these names when I came to Allendale. Funny!

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