6 Ways to Be Missional in 2013

From Tim Chester, courtesy of The Resurgence Blog:

  1. Eat with other people
  2. Work in public places
  3. Be a regular
  4. Leave the house in the evenings
  5. Serve your neighbors
  6. Share your passion

Read the full article here. Then, consider which area(s) you can be more intentional about this year, for the sake of the gospel. Don’t wait for the world to come to your church. Be the church out in the world.

For a complementary article, check out this 3.5 minute video from Dave Ferguson, on Five Ways to Bless Your Neighbors.

We can remember the acronym BLESS, for …

  • Begin with prayer
  • Listen to people
  • Eat with people
  • Serve others that you are getting to know
  • Story — at the right time, tell the story of what Jesus has done for you

Edit:  You can read more in my review of Dave Ferguson’s book, Discover Your Mission Now!

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One response to “6 Ways to Be Missional in 2013”

  1. Island Traveler says :

    The secret to a happy, contented, generous heart. If only every man and woman will embrace this with faith then our world will be heaven on Earth. Thanks for today’s beautiful inspiration.

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