Prayer Request: Planning Meetings

2010 Table Rock Picnic Shelter

It was about two years and one week since Joanna and I made our first trip to Allendale, with a couple of leaders from Grace Church. We met with some local leaders and connections, as we discussed whether God would have us be a part of this community.

Within a week, we were confident that God had this adventure for us. And though (as many of you know) the path has not always been easy, we are glad to be on it.

Later this week, we will be heading to Greenville to spend time with family and friends. Part of this trip will involve some planning and vision-casting  meetings with leaders from at least two different churches.

If you are moved to pray for us this week, please pray for wisdom for us and for fruitful meetings. Much of our discussion will be about our plans in Allendale for 2013, and beyond.

Thank you.

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2 responses to “Prayer Request: Planning Meetings”

  1. Karen says :

    I hope that your meetings were productive and that you and Joanna have a clear vison for the upcoming year! I was only quick, but it was so nice to see you at Grace’s Christmas Adam service!

    • joeyespinosa says :

      Thanks, Karen. Yes! They were productive, and encouraging.

      I don’t know that we have a clear vision for the entire year, but at least we know our next few steps. I think God often keeps it like that, doesn’t He?

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