Take, Take, Take Me Back (to Allendale)

Conner (2nd from right) and friends in Allendale

Whenever I talk to folks in Allendale about high school and college students spending part (or all) of their summers in Allendale, I am often met with shock. One teenage boy asked me, “Why would they leave Greenville to come here?”

I try to explain that part of the reason the love Allendale is because it’s so different. But mostly, they love the people that they get to know here. One high school student I know came to Allendale four separate times in a span of 12 months!

And another young man I know recently wrote a poem about Allendale. Conner posted this on Facebook, and I just had to share it.

Conner’s Song

To the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” It is for a place that deserves having songs written about it…

Take take take me back
Take me to the place
Where everything everything everything everything
Is southern and is a blast

I love Allendale
It is my favorite place
Where sweet tea rules and volleyball schools
And pastors say “Good Day!”

When I’m in Allendale
I hang out with really fun kids.
They hurt me, tackle me, punch and slap me
But that is all Okay!

I met my Chacos in Allendale
What a glorious day
I wore them and scored in them, hugged them and snored in them
Mem’ries that won’t go away!

When I was in Allendale
I met some very good friends
and hung out with old ones and chilled with new ones
Please take me back today!!!

TA-DAAA!!!! I’m coming back for you, Allendale!!!!! And I will eat O’ TASTE AND SEE’S till I die!!

PS to Conner and any other student — We look forward to having you back. Anytime.

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4 responses to “Take, Take, Take Me Back (to Allendale)”

  1. gwendolyn walker says :

    I love it.

  2. Jim Gregg says :

    Great post. A healthy reminder that thanksgiving come from pouring ourselves out to others which in itself is a reflection of Christ in us all.

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