A Weekend in the Mountains — Part 2 (On the Road)

He was awake some of the time. I promise.

A couple of days ago, I gave the reasons I wanted to take 5 teenager boys from Allendale to the mountains. I’m going to write more later this week about the retreat itself. But two of the best parts of the trip was the drive up to the mountains, and the drive back to Allendale. Like when I have Conversations in the Car, I had a captive audience with whom I could share life and wisdom.

On the trip up, I tried to explain what the weekend would involve, such as sessions of Bible teaching, eating, meeting knew people, etc. Knowing that they would be out of their comfort zones, I repeatedly told them I was proud of them, and that if they needed anything they just needed to let me know.

I told them to be themselves, and to relax. I encouraged them by saying that many of the experiences might seem odd and make them feel uncomfortable, but that they would do fine.

Money, School, and Scary Movies

We had plenty of spur-of-the-moment conversations, too. We talked about our own football season, and what lies ahead. I shared stories of football – past successes and failures.

We talked about money and jobs. I explained the secret of getting rich – always spend less than what you earn. Put money in savings. Don’t get caught in those payday loan sharks, where you’ll lose money every time you borrow.

We talked about school, and about their grades and efforts. I shared how with good grades they could earn college scholarships, like I did in high school.

Especially as it got dark on the drive in the mountains, we joked about scary movies. It’s always places like this that something crazy happens and people get killed. And do you ever notice that all the black characters in scary movies get killed – or MAYBE one lives until the end of the movie?

On the trip home, when we past the Land Rover dealership in Columbia, one of the boys said, “Those are bad. I want one of those one day.” I asked about what he wanted to do for a job. “A welder. They make like 20 bucks an hour.”

I replied, “That’s great. But I want you to think about this. Maybe you go to school to get a business degree. And you do some welding for about 10 years. Then, you open your own welding business, and you hire people to do the welding for you. Now, when you’re 50 years old, you’re not making money by welding; you’re making money by hiring other people to weld.” He smiled and nodded his head.

Don’t Miss the Rest of the Story

These are just a sampling of the conversations we had in the car. And the travel was only part of the weekend!

In my next couple of posts, I’ll share more about their experiences, and about how God personally spoke to me.

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