Update on Allendale-Fairfax High School Football

Football player socks

His good luck socks?

In case you don’t eagerly await my late-Friday-night tweets (Really? What’s wrong with you?), you need to know that we are having a very successful football season. Going into tonight’s game against Branchville, we are 7-0 (3-0 in our region).

Most of our victories, even against larger schools, have been by large margins. The tightest game was a 2-point back-and-forth game for our Homecoming, against the rival Estill Gators. It was the only game in which we were losing at any point. Although you’d always like to win big, it was good for our team to experience a tough game, because once the playoffs hit, games get much more difficult, especially after the first round.

And speaking of playoffs . . . . Should we win the next two games, we will be the region champions, and we expect to be the number two seed in the lower state playoffs. That would mean we would have at least two home playoff games.

But if we lose one of the games, we think we will be the number five seed, meaning we might have zero home playoff games. Home playoff games would be a huge boost to our confidence, and would give the Allendale community something to rally around and celebrate.

Will I be praying for victories? No, not really. As Coach Herbert Love (Linebackers Coach and Defensive Coordinator) told a group of the boys, God wants so much more than for these boys to win. He wants them to know how much He cares about them. Yes, we will work hard for a victory, but only because God wants us — as men — to work hard and always try our best.

If we do wind up with home playoff games (starting on November 2), I hope to see you at a game!

And maybe we’ll see you at the state championship game, on November 23 in Columbia.

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