UPDATE: Healthy Learners Allendale

To keep you informed about the campaign to raise $60,000 for Healthy Learners Allendale:

Right around $1000 having been contributed through this collection point (via the secure site WePay.com). Thanks to everyone who has given, whether through this blog or any other way.

We are going to end the collecting on WePay this Sunday, September 30. (Although, of course, Healthy Learners will continue to accept donations past this point.) After that, we’ll send the money to Healthy Learners.

I went to a “Friends of Healthy Learners” meeting a couple of weeks ago. At that point, they had already raised over $11,000, all locally. Still a ways to go, but off to a solid start.

If you haven’t done so, please give now. Every donation (even $5 or $10) makes a difference in the lives of children of Allendale County. Even my kids have earned and donated $10 to this great cause.

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2 responses to “UPDATE: Healthy Learners Allendale”

  1. tdjones1977 says :

    Hey! I never saw the first blog post about this. Sorry. Would a donation be tax deductible thru your site?


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    • joeyespinosa says :

      Thanks for asking that question. Unfortunately it’s not tax-deductible if you give through my site. This site is NOT part of Healthy-Learners itself, so is not recognized as a non-profit donation.

      If you want to make a tax-deductible donation, you can donate directly to Healthy Learners.


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