The Sticks Conference 2012

I had lunch with Jonathan Pearson years ago, when he was a college student and I was on a church staff. How the times have changed.

Through the power of the internet, we reconnected last year. He is on staff at Cornerstone Community Church, as the Communications Pastor. We’ve talked, emailed, tweeted to each other numerous times over the past year, and have even gotten together to fellowship over a meal.

Leaders at Cornerstone have developed a network called The Sticks. As stated on its website,

The Sticks is a “Gathering Movement” where leaders and Pastors with a passion to see smaller communities transformed by the Truth and the Power of the Gospel gather together.

As part of this movement, The Sticks has an annual conference in Orangeburg, SC (home of Cornerstone), and this year I’ll be a part of it.

More than just attending, I was asked to lead one of the breakout sessions. My topic: How to Connect with Your Community’s Gate Keepers for Maximum Impact.

Basically, this is a fancy way of saying that I’ll be sharing about what I’ve learned through our adventure in Allendale.

This year’s conference is on October 22 & 23. You can learn more (and register) at

I hope to see you there!

Edit: You can read the summary of my talk — Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


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