The Benefits of Short Term Mission Trips

I have (another) guest post this week, this time on Grace Church’s Culturally-Engaged blog. It’s called Why Short Term Missions.

How did I go from being lukewarm (at best) about mission trips, to being a missionary (of sorts)? Lots and lots of time, with a heavy dose of God’s grace.

As members of Grace Church, my wife and I were able to support and participate in numerous mission trips. While we grew spiritually because of those trips, we also see how God was using them to prepare us for our family’s current adventure in Allendale.

Recently (and with good reason), short-term mission trips have come under intense scrutiny. But as someone who has been on both-sides of the missionary support letter, I’ve learned some reasons why Christians should take part in these experiences:

  1. Validation of the mission
  2. Encouragement
  3. Model
  4. Meet needs
  5. Support the mission
  6. Life change

Please read the full article, Why Short Term Missions, and answer this question in the comments below (if you’re having trouble leaving a comment, email me):

Have you ever been on a short-term missions trip?

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