Child Hunger

Food insecurity is the state of not knowing how long the food you have will last, and not knowing how you’ll get the money to buy more once the food you do have is gone. More than 1 in 5 children in the USA lives with food insecurity.

ConAgra Foods is nearing the end of a year-long campaign to raise awareness of food insecurity, and to donate meals to fight this war against hunger. The campaign is called Child Hunger Ends Here. You can help by entering codes on specific brands of ConAgra products. For every code entered, Con Agra will donate the cost of 1 meal, working through a network of local food banks. They kick-started the campaign with 2 million meals, and want you to help them raise 3 million more.

This initiative ends on August 31, 2012, so be sure to enter codes from any participating brands.

And since I’m a lover of maps and statistics (like in More Poverty), below is some information provided by the ConAgra Foundation (2010 data):

  • Adult Food Insecurity Rate . . .
    • Nationwide:  16.1%
    • South Carolina:  18.8%
    • Greenville County: 14.0%
    • Allendale County:  34.7%
  • Child Food Insecurity Rate . . .
    • Nationwide:  21.6%
    • South Carolina:  27.1%
    • Greenville County:  24.0%
    • Allendale County:  34.7%
  • Percentage of People Below SNAP Threshold (130% of Poverty Level) . . .
    • Nationwide:  55%
    • South Carolina:  47%
    • Greenville County:  43%
    • Allendale County:  62%

You can see more data, plus great county-by-county maps, here.


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