Monday Morning Musings (July 9)

A quick re-cap of last week, and thoughts for the upcoming week. We want to keep you posted on what’s going is this mission and adventure in Allendale.

We hope that you’re enjoying hearing our stories about the experiences that God is bringing into our lives. As you can read on the Are You New? page, our purpose for this blog is to inform, invite, and inspire you.

Last Week

Grace Church sent another group of about 80 students and leaders — first it was high school students, this time it was middle schoolers. This team did a great job, not just with the physical labor they did and serving in a couple of programs for kids (Boys & Girls Club, Recreation Department), but I saw how they connected relationally with children and adults in Allendale.

On Monday, I had the pleasure of going on a field trip with some of these students, plus about two dozen children and adult residents. We were treated to unusually active animals at Riverbanks Zoo (check out videos of angry bears and a playful monkey — plus some photos — on the Elevate Facebook page). After a picnic lunch, we headed to the State Museum, where the highlight for some kids was an end-of-they-day game of hide-and-seek game on the third floor. But they all behaved superbly during dinner at  Fatz Cafe. (Note: For reference, there are zero restaurants in Allendale where you are seated and someone takes your order and brings you food.)

Wednesday (July 4th) brought a day trip to the beach at Hunting Island. The Grace Church students only found out the night before, and our kids only heard about it when we woke them up in the morning. As opposed to when we took 60+ Allendale children to the beach in June, I really got to relax and enjoy the beach, especially since Sender attached himself to one of the caring female leaders. That evening, Grace put on an awesome fireworks show in Fairfax (much better than what San Diego residents got), with some local families joining us.

The rest of the week of the week was low-key for us. Having just finished our summer camp, we took time to rest and recuperate.

And For This Week . . .

We have lots of stuff from summer camp which we need to trash, organize, donate, or store. But we still want to be involved with kids. Instead of doing another program of our own in July, we (my wife and I, plus the interns) plan to serve in other programs in Allendale County. We want to support other good things and good people in this community.

This week, I plan to help out with the Rec Department’s football camp at least a couple of times. And I hope to stop by the summer enrichment program that New Life House of Love (a local church) does. And on Tuesday, we’re going with other local families to take kids to the dollar movies in Aiken, followed by a picnic at the park. Should be a great time!

Joseph Berry, who is interning with Fairfax Baptist Church, will be going on a mission trip with men and students from that church, to Wilmington, NC. But we’ll be short two girls in our house — both Anna and Hannah are in Greenville with friends and family.

Only other major thing for me this week is to keep working on lining up a job for the fall. With so much in transition in the schools district, nothing is definite for me, yet.

Yeah, a job will be a good thing. 🙂 But I’m not worried, as we’re trusting in God’s wisdom and sovereignty.


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