Community Bible Church on a Mission in Allendale

During our last week of Elevate Summer Camp, a group of high school and college students (and adult leaders) served with us and with others in Allendale. This was the first mission trip for Community Bible Church (Savannah) in its 5 years of existence. The week was a win-win-win situation:

  • The community of Allendale was blessed by their efforts — with kids, construction projects, and the beautiful murals.
  • My wife, our interns, and I were blessed by the extra help at summer camp, so that we could be more intentional in our time with kids.
  • The church was blessed by this opportunity to be useful to Jesus and to develop closer relationships within its body.

One of their talented team members, Josh, put together a great video to share about their experience. I am encouraged every time I’ve watched it (about 6 times so far), and not just because of my shaving-cream-covered son near the end.

I’m looking forward to helping CBC – Savannah, and any other churches, to develop relationships with the citizens of Allendale, so that all may be blessed.

If you want to be a part of God’s work in Allendale, please contact me.

Note: if you can’t see the video on this page, you can watch it here.

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2 responses to “Community Bible Church on a Mission in Allendale”

  1. Sheila Leath says :

    God bless the young men and women who came to volunteer in Allendale. This was such a generous gesture. We appreciate all that you did! God bless each of you!

    Sheila Leath, Principal
    Allendale Elementary

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