Reason #19 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live: Pine-Fresh Trucking

Years ago, my wife were on a date in Columbia (free babysitting by my parents). We were walking in the Five Points area, from the restaurant to a coffee shop. There was a huge line of cars down a side street, and we walked passed the source of the traffic jam — a garbage truck in park, as sanitation workers slowly collected trash cans.

Not sure why they were still working on a Friday night; I’m sure they’d rather have been elsewhere. But I felt pity on the line of cars that were stuck right behind the garbage truck, on a hot summer night in Columbia, SC. We weren’t sure how long they were there, but it was long enough for some of the drivers to turn their cars off. And, as you can imagine, the smell was horrifying. (Later on, we met a couple that was in that jam, and they said they had their windows down because their A/C was broken. Yikes.

And if you live in Greenville, you have no doubt seen many trucks heading in one direction full of chickens in cages (and returning the other direction with empty cages). You don’t want to be stuck behind one of those.

In Allendale, we do have garbage trucks, and we do have animals being transported. But we also have an abundance of pine trees, and those trees being cut down and toted.

There is nothing better than driving behind a truck filled with freshly cut trees, or passing by Collum’s Lumber and getting a whiff of a pine fresh scent.

Because for all the challenges we have here in Allendale, we actually do have some of the cleanest and freshest air in the state. (And for the record, Greenville has some of the worst air quality.)

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3 responses to “Reason #19 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live: Pine-Fresh Trucking”

  1. Karen Heath Allen says :

    Joey, it is so funny you noticed the clean air too! I drove a convertible when I first moved here and I swear I could tell when I entered Allendale County in the dark because the air smelled so sweet. Augusta/Evans, Georgia must be high on the pollution list too!

    Of course, I felt compelled to ditch the convertible because I was sure that if I kept driving it here that I would eventually have a deer in the passenger’s seat. 🙂

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