Three New Things: Blogging, Schooling, and Facebooking

We had a good week last week in Greenville, but we’re excited to be back in Allendale. With school out, and summer starting, there is an obvious newness buzzing in the air.

No, wait. That buzzing is just the gnats. Yay for Allendale summers.

But I am excited about three new things: Blog Scheduling, Summer School & Camp, and Facebook Page.

New Blog Schedule

I wrote about this change on my other blog. Basically, I find myself desiring to write more and more about Allendale, poverty, and education. Those topics usually fit better on this blog, and I still only want to write 5 posts per week.

So, starting today, I’ll write on this blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.And at least for the summer, Mondays will be a summary of what went on during the previous week, which brings me to my second new thing . . .

Summer School and Camp

Today is our first day of Elevate Summer Camp. We are thankful for the opportunity to support summer school in Allendale County, and to support families by providing safe, fun, and enriching programming for children.

Our college interns will are responsible for this camp, and will be working with volunteers (local and from out-of-town) and churches in order to make this camp a success. And we are thankful for everyone who has partnered with us this summer.

We want to make sure you stay connected with our adventure this summer. Be sure to follow this blog by email (see the widget to the right) or RSS feed. And this leads us to the third new thing . . .

Elevate Facebook Page

We created a Facebook Page for our Elevate programming. The primary reason was to provide a means for parents of campers to get updates on our programs, and to see pictures of all the fun we are having!

And you can “Like” this page to stay posted on all that is going on in this summer’s camp, and any other camps in the future. We want you to see that your prayers, encouragements, support, and contributions are having an eternal impact in the lives of children.

Head over to Facebook and “Like” our page now!

As always, leave a comment or contact us if you have any questions or comments.

**first image courtesy of Gangplank HQ via flickr


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