Sender’s Sayings

It was a busy May-mester for Sender

I’m so glad that we are living in Allendale. Don’t get me wrong. I love it when we get to come back to Greenville to see family and friends and whoever happens to be renting our house. (We’ll miss you, Reeds! We’re glad to have you, Williamsons!)

But if we didn’t live in Allendale, Sender (our 5.5-year-old) never would have said the following:

In Allendale we go to lots of sports. We didn’t do that in Greenville. (Last fall it was high school football and college soccer. In the winter it was high school basketball. In the spring it’s baseball and softball, both high school and college.)

“Thank You, God, that we get to go back to Allendale.” (What he always after returning from a trip. As I wrote here, I love that he recognizes that Allendale is our home.)

And my favorite, picked up from his church experiences here, after he prays he often says:

“And all God’s people said . . . Amen.”

If you don’t get this last one, you just don’t know the rural Bible Belt.

We’re glad to have a chance to worship at Grace Church this coming weekend. Looking forward to worship and fellowship.


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