Cooters, Football, and School

Cooters. Football. School. What do these three things have in common?

If you said, “They are words which have two O’s in them,” you’d be correct. A nerd, maybe. But a correct nerd.

They are also recent events that have either taken place or are about to, in Allendale. 


This past weekend was CooterFest 2012. It’s the annual county festival in Allendale. I’ll save the details for the post later in the week. You won’t want to miss this!


Today is the first day of spring football practice. As I mentioned earlier this year, I will be an assistant football coach (wide receivers) for the Allendale-Fairfax High School Tigers. I’m both really excited and really nervous, never having coached before at this level. I do have major coaching experience at the levels of Powder Puff and of Flag Football for 6-year-olds. Yeah, I’m ready.

We’re getting a late start compared to many other schools, because many of our players have just finished either baseball or track seasons. One of the challenges of having a small school with multi-sport athletes.

I’m thankful for the opportunity I have to be a part of this team, to be around these fun coaches, and to have an impact in the lives of these young men.


Tonight, the school district is hosting an open meeting for all community members. Unlike the recent town hall meeting, which was more general in its scope, the purpose of this meeting is to explain that some dramatic changes will need to be made over the next few years in the schools.

Without going into too much details, the central purpose of the changes is over cost reduction. With a school district that has half the enrollment than it had 12 years ago, there is about twice the amount of square footage (and about that much more support staff) than we really need.

The district is putting together a plan to reduce the amount of facility space that is needed, as well as reducing the number of support staff. This plan is needed so that money is allocated more wisely and efficiently. As you can imagine, some parts of the plan (which are not known yet, to the best of my knowledge) will upset many local residents.

It should be an interesting meeting, for sure.

Please be praying for the AF football team, and for the schools in general. In either case, we have a lot of work to do and a lot of challenges that need to be tackled.

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