Reason #16 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live: Low-Tech Gifts

Tapes and Disks?

How did your holiday shopping go? Are there any birthdays or celebrations coming up? Are you having trouble finding just the right gift for everyone? Nowadays, technology gifts are abundant and easy to find, but what about the person who is still stuck in the 1990’s, or an earlier decade?

You need to shop in Allendale!

In Allendale, you can find low-tech items that are hard to locate in most other cities.

I took the above picture a couple of months ago. These items were on the clearance rack at a local store. Look carefully:

  1. A blank VHS tape. (Confession: we still have and use our VCR.)
  2. A “super pack” of 8 Maxell audio cassettes. Who wanted to make their loved one a mix tape for Valentine’s Day? Do you need to make 8?
  3. A pack of 10 3.5″ floppy disks for your A: drive. Each one holds a whopping 1.4 MB. (I have my college senior thesis stored on disks like this.)

Yep. They can be yours for 50% off the regular price! (Wait, last I noticed, these items are still available, but not on sale.)

Let us know in the comments:  How many years ago would one of these items have been useful to you?

(See the other 15 Reasons Why Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live.)


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