The Essence of Skin Tone

Last fall, we received some magazines through the mail. Supposedly we ordered them, but we were 99% sure that we didn’t, and had to work pretty hard to get them all cancelled without having to pay anything. (That’s another story,which I call The Great Magazine Heist.)

Why am I so sure that we didn’t order these magazines? Mainly because of which magazines we were receiving at our home in Allendale — namely, Essence, American Baby, and Victoria’s Secret [I’m not hyperlinking this one]. Our mail carrier (and the neighbor who always brings us our mail) must have been really intrigued.

In one issue of Essence magazine, there was an article about skin color being a big thing in the black community. Those with lighter skin tones are thought of more highly, and those with darker skin are often denigrated.

Why is this? It’s often a touchy topic, and can even lead to self-disdain, especially among women.

But isn’t the opposite true among Caucasians? Why is lighter skin highly-prized in the black culture, and darker skin praised in the white community?

Do you do that? Do you see a pale person and make an instant judgment? Do you see a darker skinned baby and comment on how “beautiful” her skin is?


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