15 Reasons Why Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live

I started this series last May, with 10 reasons, and added to it throughout the summer and fall. In case you missed any (or just need a good laugh today), here’s a recap of the series, with links to each individual post.

I also have more reasons in the queue, so this post will also act as a reference point for future posts.

  1. Reasons 1-10 include the Book Mobile, Hardee’s, Cooter Festival, and Hardee’s. And Hardee’s again.
  2. Reason #11 = Maurice’s BBQ Sauce.
  3. Reason #12 = No rush hour.
  4. Reason #13 = Buying your own auto repair supplies.
  5. Reason #14 = Less fast food.
  6. Reason #15 = Reserving holiday-themed books from the library.

Do you know of other reasons why Allendale is so great? Please leave a comment or email me your thoughts and observations, and I’ll try to work them in to the blog. Thanks for your help, and for being a part of our adventure in Allendale!

You can also read about how Allendale is better than the Grove Park Inn. I had to work really hard on this one.

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2 responses to “15 Reasons Why Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live”

  1. Craig says :

    Funny stuff – saw your post this morn gin on Acuff…

    Come back and visit my blog, when you get a chance…


  2. Craig says :

    To whomever keeps coming over to my blog from here – THANKS very much! Hope it’s a blessing!

    “Never Fail – What I mean by that, is fail a lot!”


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