Reason #15 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live

Our family loved going to the library in Greenville. With two avid readers (plus one budding book-lover), we would go through several dozen books for our kids each week.

But to reserve holiday books, you had to plan in advance. Not just days in advance, but weeks, if not a month. For example, if you waited until December 10th to start thinking about Christmas books, you were probably going to be out of luck.

In Allendale, however, this won’t be a problem. 

Finding holiday-themed books is easy, because the Allendale-Hampton-Jasper library system very minimal demand for holiday books.

You can (almost) always find what you’re looking for!

Maybe it’s because most of the patrons come in to only use the computers, not to check-out books.

Maybe it’s because the library is not open on Saturdays, so if a parent is working during the week and off on weekends, then their kids probably never go to the town library.

Or maybe there’s really no good excuse why more people don’t use the library. (During our summer camp, we had a library card registration drive, and over half the kids got their first library card.)

(See the list of 15 Reasons Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live.)

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