Poverty Cure

You need to watch this great video from PovertyCure. As I’ve written before, I am not against government assistance, but we cannot think that free handouts can solve the problem of poverty. Rather, aid tends to create dependency, leading to economic bondage.

Instead of thinking about ending poverty, we need to focus on production and creating wealth. Like with My Coin Laundry Experience, we don’t need to find a way to give everyone a washing machine. We need to work to change the mindset that aid is the only answer, and help people work to provide for their own families.

“Good intentions don’t end poverty. Enterprise and freedom end poverty.”

That’s why I’m thankful for the ministry of Nasha. The mission of Nasha is to provide small loans for entrepreneurs, which are paid back with no interest. About a half-dozen entrepreneurs have been assisted so far in the Upstate of South Carolina, and the leaders are in the process of making a loan to an entrepreneur here in Allendale.

I’ve made some providential connections with others that might be candidates for Nasha. Being able to make these contacts has been a benefit of Living in the Community. With a scarcity of jobs and production (less than half of those who live in this county are employed), we need job creation through the growth of small businesses.

You can help. Follow Nasha, and when you see entrepreneurs from Allendale, you can make a donation of any size.

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