Talent Show!

Almost every week we have a talent show at the after school program. Sometimes we give awards to the top talent, and sometimes we just celebrate participation.

I’m proud of my kids for participating virtually every week. This video is an example of Sender’s contribution to the Allendale community.

As you can imagine, Sender (our Club “mascot”) really cracks up the other kids with his antics. How does he get so good? Well, he’s learned many of his moves from other kids in the after school program (yes, you are really missing out by not being here). And it’s basically an all-week practice in our home.

In fact, Marvin Love has declared that every talent show will conclude with a “Send-Off” — a final performance of Sender’s entertainment contribution. To the right is a picture of him leading the Club in singing and dancing to “Dynamite” (yes, they all stood up and joined him in the chorus). I can’t wait to see what he has in store next week.

I think he said something about “whistles.” Oh, dear.

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5 responses to “Talent Show!”

  1. Vanessa Price says :

    What a sweet boy to so willingly give of his talents for the enjoyment of others!

    I’m excited about the upcoming performance with whistles. How many kids do you have? I could totally have an order of these shipped to the Boys and Girls club for next week! http://www.orientaltrading.com/halloween-whistles-a2-25_2986-12-1.fltr?Ntt=whistles

    • joeyespinosa says :

      When you come down and visit, to help us with a talent show, you can bring the whistles. I will sit you in the middle of the room, as the conductor. (And you and Joanna can make some more cake pops.)

      • Vanessa Price says :

        Zach and I do want to come down, but I doubt it will be at Halloween, so the whistle idea will have to die sadly 😦

        What is the B&GC schedule for the rest of the year?

        • joeyespinosa says :

          Whistle idea may die, but maybe you can resurrect it later.

          We’re pretty much open Mon – Fri every week (a couple of days off in the fall, when school is off). Would love to have you anytime! Need a couple of week lead time to get a volunteer application.

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