Did You Check Out These Pages?

Some of you readers have been following this blog by email subscription or RSS feed. That’s a great idea, and if you’re not doing so, you should sign up (see the column on the right).

image courtesy of tomdavies via sxc.hu

But you may have missed out on some of the other pages on the blog. Here’s a list of those other pages, which you should check out.

About:  My life, in outline form.

Are You New?:  If you are new to the blog, start here for a quick overview of why I am writing about Allendale.

Financial Support.  As “missionaries” we are relying on financial support for a big part of our income.

Parenting.  This blog started out of one that I created in October 2010. (**See below**) If you are interested in parenting topics, you’ll want to click through.

Contact.  How to get and stay in touch with me.


** I am in the process of consolidating both blogs (A Different Way and Mission: Allendale) into a single, self-hosted website. It’s actually created, but I need to do a lot of re-formatting and editing work to get it looking right. It’s going to be good (I think), but I have yet to carve out time to get over the hump.


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