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Vision Ministries is the primary church in Allendale that Grace Church has been partnering with over the past three years. Joe Mole is the pastor there, with whom I have shared many meals, and who has taught me so much about life, family, Jesus, and Allendale.

For 14 years, the church congregated in a small town called Brunson. But this past spring, with help from leaders and servants from Grace Church, Vision Ministries was able to move into a building in Fairfax. This move gives them a more central location for worship, fellowship, and service.

I have been incredibly supported and loved by members from Vision, including a place to live for the months I was here before the family moved down.  Someone even moved an extra bed to that house, then offered it to my kids as we moved into our current home.

Our family has worshiped with that church a number of times, though it probably won’t be our sole or primary church home. But whenever we go, we are treated as family, not friends.

The tagline for Vision Ministries is “Helping People to See.” I asked Pastor Mole to explain this in more detail:

  1. Helping: Through teaching, and through opportunities to be exposed to see new things.
  2. People: They are focused on the unchurched. As the church moved into Fairfax, they let others know that they are not trying to “steal” members from other churches.
  3. See: Not where they are, but greater things. Each worship service should be an eye-opening experience.

I told Pastor Mole that I love the focus on the unchurched. However, this will be tough for the current members who become stretched as they grow into new leadership roles. From my experience, being a part of a growing church is exciting, but it can also leave you exposed at times.

Having moved to a new location — but with a continued passion to spread the gospel — this coming year will be a big one for this church. Please pray for them, that they will be able to develop leaders, impact the community, and trust God with the continued changes.

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