My Excellent Wife

You want to see what an excellent wife (Proverbs 31:10) looks like? Check out my wife, Joanna.

She has a full day of pouring out for others, especially for the next generation. This is the mission that we are on together, but she gives power and love to aspects that I could not.

She educates our kids all morning, and is at the after school program all afternoon. At the after school program, she is better than me in three essential elements — helping kids with homework, facilitating creative activities, and organizing the building.

And she helps others be involved there, too. She picks up and drives home one volunteer virtually every day, so he doesn’t have to walk. She also takes home a couple of kids who live with their car-less mom in a shelter.

Joanna is demonstrating what it looks like to selflessly serve others. Inviting, she makes after school a fun and welcoming place to be. Nurturing, she solves transportation issues for others who want to be with us. Partnering, she adds power to our ministry to this community.

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.”  Genesis 2:18

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8 responses to “My Excellent Wife”

  1. Tracy Collins says :

    Joanna truly is an excellent wife and you are a blessed husband! Thanks for sharing and for the encouragment that is for me to strive to serve my husband and others well. Love you guys! Tracy

  2. Sara says :

    She is pretty great!

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