Reason #11 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live

I already gave 10 Reasons.

Here’s another:

The IGA in Fairfax sells Maurice’s BBQ Sauce, and zero stores in Greenville sell it.

Disclaimer: Yeah, I know that Bessinger guy has issues, but it’s dang good sauce. And I love the irony — that this product (whose owner is considered racist by many) is easily sold and bought in a county that is three-fourths African-American.

Edit: The IGA in Allendale sells it, too.

(See the list of 15 Reasons Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live.)


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5 responses to “Reason #11 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live”

  1. Carolyn says :

    Of course, I would never dare to question the authenticity of your assertion that ZERO stores in Greenville sell Maurice’s barbecue sauce because I know that you have personally visited everyone to ensure the accuracy of this statement before posting this comment as you try once again to belittle the citizens of Allendale County–you know the people of the county that is not 100% African-American–the one that has people of other ethnicities–yeah, that one.

    • joeyespinosa says :

      You are right. “Zero” may not be accurate today (but it may be accurate), but it at least was not too long ago. It was a very big deal in Greenville, when store after store was pressured to take it off the shelves due to the racist beliefs and propaganda of Maurice Bessinger.

      Not sure how you feel that this post is belittling to Allendale citizens, but I would love to know your thoughts about that. And yes, as I reference in the post, the county is not 100% African-American. It is about 75%, and about 22% Caucasian / white.

      More than anything, this post points out the irony of the situation, and one could say that it is actually more of a slam against Greenville County. Because what Greenville County (mostly white population) has made a big deal about on the issue of “race” does not seem to be a big deal in our own community of Allendale.

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