Poll: How Much Do You Give?

Recently, I’ve commented on several charities and non-profits that we support or think are worth supporting. These include:

image courtesy of mathdelane09 via Picasa

Osborn Mission (Papua New Guinea)

Guardians ad LitemLee Cunningham (Brazil)
Compassion International  
Fastzkie Mission (Eleuthera)
Jews for Jesus
Answers in Genesis

This got me wondering: How much of your gross (not net) income do you donate to charity? Please take the poll to the right.

As I wrote in Why Ask for Financial Support?, I think you should consider supporting the Osborns, because of the nature and duration of their work.

Additionally, we ourselves are looking for a few more financial supporters.We have been blessed by a number of folks who have given one-time, monthly, or something in between. But a few of our monthly supporters will soon come to the end of their generous commitments. Any amount would be helpful, but I am looking to add about $200 in monthly support. This can be accomplished with about 4-10 more people who could each donate $20, $30, or $50 per month.

You can learn more about how to donate (tax-free) on our Financial Support page, or email me.


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