A Whirlwind of a Week

In less than a week, we spent at least 1 night in 4 different towns in South Carolina. Here’s a brief summary of what our past week looked like:

Last Saturday:  Drove back to Greenville, and stayed with Joanna’s parents.

Sunday:  Worship at Grace Church, including getting to catch up (even if briefly) with so many friends!

Monday:  I drove back to Allendale for a meeting; Joanna and kids went to the pool with friends. Guess who had more fun? But I did have a late night meeting with a mentor at Waffle House.

Tuesday:  Breakfast with another mentor (me); breakfast with friends (Joanna). After lunch, drove to Columbia to stay with my parents.

Wednesday:  Saw my new nephew, Isaac Joseph. Columbiana Mall. Back to Allendale.

Isaac and Hannah

Thursday:  Drove to Beaufort. Dinner (not-so-great seafood) and Drive-In Movie (awesome, just as we had hoped). Stayed the night at the “fancy” Sleep Inn.

Friday:  Beach at Hunting Island. Having too much fun to take too many pictures (edit: got some pics on this day-trip). Caught small crabs and minnows. Ate lunch. Fed minnows to crabs. Drove back to Allendale.

Saturday (today):  Helped out with the Health Fair & Back 2 School Bash. Made (or re-made) some good connections. Grilling cheeseburgers tonight. I’ve gotten pretty good at it thanks to this article.

It was a great week to see family, and especially for our own family to have time by ourselves. School (and after school program) starts on Tuesday!

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