Favorite Tweets for July

Not following me on Twitter? You’re missing out on awesomeness.

  1. Me: “Kids, who are your heroes?” Hannah: “God, Daddy, & Superman.” I’m in good company.
    1. My daughter is eating raw collard greens, grown at the community garden in . http://twitpic.com/5k367k
    2. I love that our kids refer to the Sleep Inn as a “fancy hotel.”
    3. Congrats to Lottie Lewis, who was just named Person of the Year by The Allendale Sun. Well-deserved!
    4. Hannah & I headed out on a dinner date. Joanna asks, “Are y’all doing anything else?” Really? Did she forget where we live?
    5. I had to type in an anti-spam code, that involved the sequence “7eV” — and I immediately thought “7 electron Volts.”  
    6. The other day, a kid at the Club asked me to pray for his sick mom. Oh, yeah! 
    7. 4-year-old Sender scored from first base on a grounder in kickball today. No errors, but the fielders paid no attention to him.
    8. [This was a two-part Tweet]
      1. Me: “12 years ago I asked Joanna to marry me.” Kid at camp: “If she said NO, would you have kicked her out of the house?”
      2. (cont’d) Me: “We didn’t live together before we were married.” Kid at camp: “What?!?!”
    9. Umm.. Excuse me, Housekeeping. I would like to buy one of your 4-cup coffee makers for $50. http://twitpic.com/5ukmq4
    10. “All heads bowed. All eyes closed.”
    11. Elijah’s at grandparents tonight, so we picked up a replacement son. Will anyone notice the difference? http://twitpic.com/5wuxs9

      Here are some quotes from others that I tweeted or re-tweeted:

      1. In 2009, for every $1 of net worth that white households had, black households had 2 cents.
      2. RT : I could not be more thankful that in his grace God allowed me to not care about Harry Potter. / Amen 
      3. “No sin is worse than self-pity, b/c it removes God from the throne of our lives, replacing Him w/ our own self-interests.” O. Chambers
      4. RT : people who think they know everything can be pretty annoying to those of us who actually do / Agreed 

      Which of these is your favorite?


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      One response to “Favorite Tweets for July”

      1. Joey Espinosa says :

        For the record, my favorite is #5.

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