My Favorite Things from This Week

It was the first week of our summer programming. We had up to 30 kids each day, from 8 AM to 5 PM. It was a great start to the summer. Here’s some memorable moments:

  • Having so much help! The high schoolers and leaders from Grace Church were playing sports and activities, reading with kids, cleaning, serving meals, putting together an indoor basketball goal, coming up with arts and crafts projects, and more.
  • Having a fun with water on Friday, with water guns, plus slip-n-slide and bubbles that were donated.
  • A high school student from Frazee who talked to a bad-attitude-filled middle schooler about respecting the leaders. He did this on his own initiative, and from what I could observe he was good.
  • A young boy telling Swoap, “I used to not like reading, but now I do!” (We do educational activities everyday.)
  • Some high schoolers talking about coming back later this summer. It would be a great opportunity to continue building relationships. We would love to have them back!
  • Our daughter Hannah socializing and playing games with three other girls her age. As I watched her, my eyes started watering up. One of the college interns asked me, “Are you proud of her?” I said, “Mostly, I’m really excited for her.” Hannah has friends with dark skin who live in apartments in poverty, and friends with light skin who live in really nice houses.  

Looking forward to a little rest this weekend, and getting ready for week #2!

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    2 responses to “My Favorite Things from This Week”

    1. Terri says :

      I'm sure Swoap will soon have them enjoying math too! Shelby told me the kids were not excited when Hannah told them one day they were going to do math games. I'm so excited to hear about all the great things going on at B&G Club!

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