13 Reasons My Wife Had a Great Mother’s Day

How many ways did I make this Mother’s Day special for Joanna?

The famous Cooter at his festival.
  1. In Allendale. That should be enough.
  2. It was a day after the Cooter Festival.
  3. Pulling out of our driveway, we saw buzzards feasting on a dead raccoon.
  4. Worshiped in a church where we were the only white people.
  5. Fried chicken and macaroni-and-cheese at Clara’s. (You could win a meal there, too!)
  6. Ice cream cones in the nearby park.
  7. Nap time while I ran errands.
  8. Family Wii time.
  9. I picked up pizza from Subway for dinner. I know. But it was the best option available.
  10. Golf cart rides around the yard, and down the street to El Cheapo’s gas station.
  11. Sender putting on a hilarious show before bedtime. He will have his own variety show one day, like Dean Martin. Or Jerry Lewis.
  12. She discovered that the kids have completed 165 days of school (which means if they go every day for the next three weeks, they will finish before Memorial Day).
  13. After 13 weeks of our family being apart, we’ve been together for the last 3.

Can you beat that? What made your Mother’s Day so special?

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4 responses to “13 Reasons My Wife Had a Great Mother’s Day”

  1. sara says :

    My hubby surprised me before church with roses and a card then after treating us to lunch out he created space for me to take a nap and read a magazine THEN cooked dinner for us…philly cheese steaks! My kids made gifts for me that were all precious and we had a great evening being together also, since dad's had a lot of business travel lately. I will always have fond memories of this mother's day.

  2. Joey Espinosa says :

    What a great guy! Next year, he can treat you to cheese steaks at the Cooter Fest. (But I think the cheese they use is the same that they put on the nachos and cheese fries.)

  3. CristinMic says :

    Someone wished me a Happy Mothers Day…that was special. 🙂 (Actually I said, “Happy Mothers Day!” and she said, “Same to you!”)

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