Why Christians Should Serve Outside of the Church

Marvin Love is a great educator and leader

I’ve already made my case that non-Christians can serve in Children’s Ministry. However, I do recognize the value of Christians serving in ministries, not only when those ministries are a part of the church, but especially when they serve outside of the church environment.

Beneficial, Not Required

Of course, one doesn’t have to be a professing believer in Jesus in order to serve in an extra-church ministry. In my job in an after school program, I know that in order to succeed in helping these kids, I have to equip and empower people from all backgrounds and walks of life, including those that have different philosophies.

But even though being a Christ-follower is not a requirement, I have seen recently where it sure seems to help. In the past month, both Marvin Love (a local school teacher and now on staff part time with me) and I both had experiences where God was leading us. These experiences were separate, but along the same lines. God impressed on us how we needed to interact with and love on the kids in this program. Sure, smarter people could have figured out what needed to be done on their own, but not us. So glad that we have the Holy Spirit to guide us!

Engaging the Culture

Corporate church worship is more of a rallying point for Christians, and not the end all. We come together to praise, celebrate, and be taught. But our spiritually must not stop there, especially when it comes to evangelism.

Mr. Love is a stud kickball coach, too!

Traditional church will tell you to bring your friends with you on Sunday. But this is missing the point. In Matthew 28:19-20 (“The Great Commission”), Jesus commands us to go where people are. This is crucial for the church, to take the members’ unique gifts and resources and bring them to the culture.

If we are to go to the culture, we have a great advantage in ministries such as where I work. We have 50-60 kids every day that we get to teach and love on. We cannot wait for them to come to our church, our Sunday Schools, our Bible studies, our parenting equipping events, etc. We need to go to them, as on a mission, with the power and grace of the Holy Spirit.

I am so glad that in this job, I have a captive audience of dozens of kids who want to be there. Why wouldn’t I want to go and be with them?

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