On a Mission for Fashion

I posted a video earlier today suggesting a gift for moms out there. Yeah, that wasn’t such a great idea, but I’ve got a better idea than candles — help with fashion.

Of course, you don’t want my help with this. After all, my regular style in college was T-shirt, jean shorts, socks, and sandals. Sad, I know, but I’m better now.

But I’m no where near as good as my friend Kelley Smith. I’ve already bragged about her shopping skills when I wrote about a trip to the mall. Not only does she love to shop for herself; she can also help shop for you.

Even more, for the entire month of May, she will donate 50% of her earnings to us, to our mission to Allendale. So not only will you get help with your wardrobe, but you’ll also help our cause.

Go over to her website, Kelley Smith Style, to learn more about how she can help you, and how you’ll be helping us.

Also, she is teaming up with Allie B. Originals, who will be donating 50% of her earnings through May 7 to our family.

You don’t want to miss out on these savings!


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3 responses to “On a Mission for Fashion”

  1. Joey Espinosa says :

    Thank YOU!!!!

    (Notice I had one more exclamation point than you.)

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