Tell Your Kids What God Is Teaching You

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It was January 14. I had just gotten word about my new job, which would be in Allendale, SC (Where?). I was to start the following Monday, which we knew would mean that I would spend weeks (or months) driving down during the week, and coming back home on the weekends. Joanna and I were a little overwhelmed with a list of anxieties (most of which we are still struggling with), such as:

  • Me living apart from my family all week long
  • Fixing up our house to try to sell it
  • Actually selling our house
  • Moving

But we also knew that this was an opportunity that God was using to help us trust in Him more. When we say that we are trusting Him with this situation, what we mean is that we are growing in our trust in Him.

And we also recognized that this was an opportunity to help our kids connect truths from God’s word with real life. So, on one particular morning, we shared with Hannah, Elijah, and Sender what we had each read in the Bible that morning.

I Corinthians 10   
I have been reading through this book multiple times, and this passage connected well, since Joanna had been reading to the kids about Israel in the wilderness as part of their schooling. In this letter, Paul refers to “spiritual” food and drink; that is, he makes the case that the wilderness was not just a physical experience, but one in which God wanted to teach Israel spiritual truths, such as obedience and trust.

Likewise, as we go through hard times, our faith will be tested and, if we continue to seek God, it will be strengthened. I am thankful for the example of Israel (who endured 40 years of wilderness, not just a few months of what we’re going through), and for the example of Jesus (who endured humility, pain, and rejection for the Father’s glory and for the sake of my salvation).

Isaiah 6:8
Joanna had read this verse that morning. It struck her that God didn’t tell Isaiah to go; He just have him an opportunity. Likewise, our upcoming adventure is an opportunity, a chance to be used by God for a cause bigger than ourselves. What a blessing that God would even ask, and then that He would let, us be used for His kingdom’s sake.

Our kids were easily able to see how these Scriptures connected with the challenges that we would face as we move to Allendale. While it’s a privilege that God would use us in Allendale, we need to remember that our most important mission field is with our own children. And in that, we don’t need to just teach kids stories from the Bible; we need to show them how God is changing our lives, heart, and mind by His word.

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