An Unexpected Benefit of Homeschooling

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For all the reasons that we decided to home school early on in our kids’ education (see our notes), we never thought that one of them would be, “We might decide to move out of Greenville in the middle of the school year.”

But it has been such a blessing, with the amount of flexibility we’ve had. In this transition, it has been relatively easy for Joanna and the kids to come to Allendale to stay for a few days. And knowing that we would miss some days along the way just meant that they did school on days like President’s Day, to get ahead a little.

Plus, all along the way, we knew that we could move the family with little to no interruption, instead of having to wait until June. It gave us hope and peace through this transition.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that this means homeschooling is better or this is why someone should choose this option. I’m just saying that it’s been nice.

Now, if only someone would buy our house . . .

You know you want it.

Edit: God provided some renters for us, so no need to sell it now!

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